Transparency & Seriality; a LA Tower Project


Moving from the conceptual and the abstract to the physical realities of building, the work of the third studio of the core sequence aims to productively embrace novelties and differences in the production of vertical organizations. Students consider the uses of precedent and antecedent in their work, while the main investigation examines the particular impact of the building envelope and its material and geometrical determinations on site and a Tall Building form, and the capacity to use transformation as a methodological tool to guide a rigorous approach to decision making. By studying the specificities of the Tall Building envelope students are exposed to the tight dependency existing between serial determinations of both geometric and material order- of the outermost surface, and the spaces it encloses, including the buildings core and structure; construction technology. 

Mass And Facade Process


Facade Studies

Initial facade studies were to approach generative/non-generative design uniformly with the intent to mold and manipulate mass.

Facade Studies, Continued

Following the initial intent for the facade -- exploring the possibilities of masking mass through many parts and equally as many layers. The use of shadow and void become integral in masking depths and the definition of mass it clads.

Facade, Fragmented

Moving forward from the facade studies, each layer was consolidated upon a plane and subdivided the height of a typical hotel floor. This move was to provide means in which the multifaceted facade may become inhabitable. 

Mass Studies, Preliminary Part to Whole Relationship

Preliminary attempts at an aesthetic fully consumed by the multifarious facade. 

Midterm Proposal

Mass Study, Application of Textures 

Studio Final Proposal

Final Model, Stills